Wild Grey Fox ‘Paradise’ Bellbird Korimako Mini Gift Card

Wild Grey Fox ‘Paradise’ Bellbird Korimako Mini Gift Card

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Mini greeting card


Nikki’s thoughts on this drawing of a Korimako (bellbird):

In May 2020, after the COVID-19 Alert moved to Level 2 and we were free to move around our region again, my husband and I spent a day at Pukaha Mt Bruce. It was so quiet with no tourists, and it felt as though we were the only ones there. The only sounds were those produced by the forest and the birds and it felt like paradise.


This was also the first time that I had seen the korimako up close. This particular male was busy fluffing up his plumage and dancing around a rather unimpressed kereru and two other bellbirds, quite oblivious to our presence. The korimako received its 'bellbird' name from the first settlers who described its’ song as 'it seemed to be like small bells most exquisitely tuned'.


Wild Grey Fox produces images by Nikki McIvor onto prints, cards, gift tags and homeware like tea towels, aprons and grocery bags. Our aim - objects that are lovely to use, ecologically responsible and made to last.

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