And Beyond Socks Unisex  Everyday Essential Ankle
And Beyond Socks Unisex  Everyday Essential Ankle
And Beyond Socks Unisex  Everyday Essential Ankle

And Beyond Socks Unisex Everyday Essential Ankle

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83% supima cotton

10% polyamide

4% lycra rubber

3% elastane  




Engineered arch support system providing optimum fit and support, along with our unique blister tab.

Our terry sole provides additional cushioning, and our long staple yarns will ensure your feet stay cool and comfortable!

Whether you’re going for a workout, having an afternoon on the golf course, or just relaxing at home, our essential ankle socks will never let you down!  



All of our product pages contain details on our sock compositions. What you will find in all of these details, is the use of Supima cotton.

Supima represents less than 1% of the world’s cotton supply and is softer, more luxurious, stronger and uses longer fibers than regular cotton.

And Beyond is an officially licensed brand of the Supima organisation and we are proud to say we are the only brand in New Zealand with this license.

We have worked hard with the Supima organisation in Arizona to ensure the quality we bring to you is nothing but the best. 




Each year, approximately 400,000 children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer.

Tragically, a family member received this diagnosis and at 12 years old, and she lost her battle with cancer.

Over the years I have worked with charities such as the Child Cancer Foundation offering time and money in an attempt to try and help. To try and make a difference.

But I continued to feel like I needed to do more, and most importantly, that I could do more.

So the challenge began to try and find a way to make an ongoing, sustainable impact. An impact on those families who are going through this, who have sat and been told “your child has cancer”.

From here, And Beyond was born; a brand built to show that in your day to day life, whilst making everyday purchasing decisions, you can in fact go beyond.

10% of our profits go towards supporting families who are going through this, to help with things such as travel costs, treatment, and to be frank, anything we can help them with.

We are an ambitious company who will be consistently working towards getting better in every way possible. We also want to work with more charitable causes and organisations moving forward. If you have any ideas on how we could do better or who we could try and help, please don’t ever hesitate to get in contact with us.

Thank you, as always, for your support, and thank you for choosing And Beyond.