Image Vault Mountain Biker Pre-matted Print

Image Vault Mountain Biker Pre-matted Print

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Mountain Biker 

By Ellen Giggenbach

35 x 27.5cm (18 x 25.5cm) Pre-Matted Mini Print

Ellen Giggenbach was born in Bavaria, Germany. She now lives in the seaside village of Eastbourne in New Zealand with her husband and two young boys. After studying Graphic Art in Vienna for 2 years, she went on to receive a New Zealand Diploma with Distinction in Design. Her art works are inspired by traditional European folk art, her unique natural environment and love of the distinctive colours and forms of mid century illustration and design. Each piece starts its life as an idea only. Piece by piece it grows like a puzzle till even one more element would upset a carefully crafted balance of shape and colour. Ellen’s art works are unashamedly decorative, designed to be pleasing to the eye. Vibrant yet sophisticated, intuitive yet precise.