Munch Laundry Soap

Munch Laundry Soap

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The Munch laundry soap is a solid laundry bar. Perfect for handwashing delicates, taking away when travelling or for when you are out in the wilderness and need to wash clothing, dishes or even hands. It is also perfect for cleaning reusable nappies.  Say goodbye to stubborn stains and wash your delicates the good old fashioned way with this natural laundry soap bar!

How to use

As if Pacific coconut oil wasn’t talented enough already, turns out it’s also a secret stain-removing ninja. Rub this bar up into a lather to treat your delicates to a delightful hand-wash – or for especially tricky stains, rub straight onto wet fabric.

  •  Made with 100% biodegradable ingredients
  •  Removes stains easily
  •  A perfect bar to get all the stains out of reusable nappies. And other tricky places


Saponified coconut oil from the Pacific and New Zealand water. 




80mm x 50mm x 3mm

Not suitable for washing machines.

Ethically made in New Zealand in collaboration with Figgy and Co.