Remix Plastic Little Blue Penguin Kororā  Earrings

Remix Plastic Little Blue Penguin Kororā Earrings

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Laser Cut From Ice Cream Container Lids 

Introducing our adorable Little Blue Penguin Earrings! We have had penguin requests for years and have finally designed some - This dual layer design is laser cut from ice cream containers that would otherwise be going to landfill. They are held in place with a custom silver pin. 

Kororā are the smallest penguin, growing to a max height of 30 cm and weighing 1kg! So wee! They survive in the cold southern oceans with the help of dense, downy, water resistant feathers that insulate their little bodies. Penguins also have a circulatory adaptation that allows they to keep their blood warmer than the surrounding sea temperature. The blue colour of Kororā provides camouflage when out at sea, blending in with the sea blue from above and sunlight from below. 

Looking out for Kororā:

  • Leave penguins alone. Usually scruffy birds are simply moulting.
  • Put your dog on a leash around penguin areas.
  • Keep your dog away from nests, and warn others nearby of the location.
  • Check out free education resources such as this one from West Coast Penguin Trust


Dimensions: 3.5cm x 1.5 cm. Hooks: Hypoallergenic stainless steel 304, silver in colour.
Made in Christchurch, NZ by Remix Plastic. Find out more about how and why they are made hereWe always ship plastic free.