Super Very Map Birds

Super Very Map Birds

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Travel around the City of Wellington New Zealand from the comfort of your couch when you place this set of 3 birds on your wall. Forget getting lost in the hills or blown away by the breeze, let these city birds guide you way.

Precision laser cut from board and Modern Wellington City Maps you'll enjoy a unique bit of kiwiana on a daily basis. 

Please be aware that the streets, parks, bridges and motorways on your bird may differ from the ones photographed. The colours will be the same, but because Wellington is a pretty big city more than 3 birds fit on a map.

Bird Measurements
Grace - the Fantail inspired bird - Size: 162mm x 111mm
Audrey - the Swallow inspired bird - Size: 137mm x 109mm
Frances - the bird in full flight - Size: 127mm x 127mm

They are super easy to hang and come with 3m reusable tape to keep your walls happy. 
The angle, direction & pattern they play in is all up to you.

Every bird is Designed, made and Laser cut in Wellington by Me Sue Tyler. Please remember to assume differences between your purchase and the ones pictured due to the pattern of the paper.

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