The Swag Tea Bags
The Swag Tea Bags

The Swag Tea Bags

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Tea simply tastes better when brewed from loose leaf herbs so Swag your loose leaf tea or add your own garden herbs to create a herbal tea infusion. You can also use these little beauties as a bouquet garni or for your curry spices.

These reusable Tea Swags are made from chemical free, 100% unbleached, unseeded cotton.

Tea Swag Set of four tea bags sized 7.5cm x 6cm each with draw-string for several generous heapings of your favourite blends.

Tea Swag set features;

  • made form 100% unbleached, unseeded cotton
  • non toxic/chemical free
  • 100% sustainable and compostable (apart from care label)
  • Ethically and Fair Trade produce (SEDEX)

How to use;

  1. Fill Tea Swag with herbs and draw the string tight
  2. Steep the bag for as long as you can just as you would a normal tea-bag (the longer the better especially with medicinal herbs)
  3. When finished, turn inside out to empty contents into compost and rinse out with warm water
  4. Hang to out dry
  5. Repeat