Wild Honey Art Medium Tui Card

Wild Honey Art Medium Tui Card

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2 Trees  2018

Blank Greeting Card
C6 size

The Tui (Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae) is native to New Zealand. It is classified as not threatened. He is sitting in a magnolia tree, which – although not native to NZ – feeds tuis on the nectar of its’ beautiful white blossoms. The tui is holding a kowhai flower in his beak, representing his need for nectars provided by natives such as kowhai and flax.


Says Nikki: “2 Trees was inspired by my own garden, a 5 acre block. As we are surrounded by farmland, there are not as many native birds as I’d like due to lack of natural habitat. This drawing is my letter to all of us gardeners, urging us to put in more native plants and bird-friendly trees.”